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New Zealand Athlete Needs Escort To The Olympics

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Logan Campbell, a taekwando fighter from New Zealand, needs money to fund his bid for the 2012 Olympics, because $NZ300,000 is a lot of money, currency calculator reveals. Campbell's plan? Open a brothel. But of course!

It's a strategy bound to be adopted by countless other obscure, aspiring Olympians, and it's a wonder no one else has become a pimp owner of an escort agency to scale the podium as a medalist. Campbell, however, insists that he's not like his counterparts — you know, the other guys who run prostitution rings.

"When people think of a pimp they think of a guy standing around on a street corner with gold chains. Pimps are more tough-type guys. I'm an owner of an escort agency," he said.

He added that he and his business partner, Hugo Phillips, 20, employed only "smart, attractive" girls. "We don't treat them like pieces of meat." His parents were supportive, he added. "Mum was hesitant but she met the girls, a couple came over to her house and she was sweet-as.


Well then! If mum is sweet-as, why aren't New Zealand's Olympic handlers gung-ho about the idea? Prostitution, after all, is perfectly legal in Kiwiland, but Campbell's risque business might cost him a spot in the country's London delegation because of that oft-cited trope of being an example for the country's youths.

Still, Campbell is teaching the kids a fine lesson, so listen up: Embrace innovation, not whores.

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