New Zealand's Sex Workers Expect The Rugby World Cup Will Be Quite The Lucrative Affair

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The Rugby World Cup is set to get underway this week in New Zealand. It's expected to attract some 95,000 visitors to a land where the toilets flush weirdly. (Here's a story about the sporting aspect of the event.)

Of course, that kind of out-of-area-code turnout means money will be exchanged for sex. A whole lot of money. A whole lot of sex. In a whole lot of manifestations. Such as three varieties of gimp masks pictured above. Because you can do that there. Safely and legally. Even if it's unclear to common folk how gimpestry can vary from one client to the next. Color me prude, but a gimp's a gimp best I can tell.

Anyway, here's a link to an video looking into the fornicative impact the tourney will have on the sex industry there. It contains these quotes:

Narrator: "Madam Mary hopes to attract international clients because of her renowned and very specialized dominatrix services."

Madam Mary: "A lot of them will be fascinated by the fact that sex work is decriminalized in New Zealand and it's, you know, safer and happier and easier to [pause] get."


Fascinating nuances, sure. But there's also talk that demand will be such that foreigners could be brought in to work illegally. Real talk from afar: Those workers would be scab whores.

First game's Friday.

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