Having spent most of his career in hockey hotbeds like Raleigh and Nashville, Scott Walker's finding things a bit challenging. But this country mouse's biggest adjustment has nothing to do with fans or linemates: he's got to master mass transit.

Walker tried out the DC Metro to get to the Verizon Center this week, and it's easy to picture his astonishment at this newfangled metal snake that burrows underground.

So I was excited to use it, little bit nervous at first obviously," he told Vya. "But man, people were so helpful. I just kind of looked lost — that was pretty easy to do — and people just helped me and taught me how to go over and figure out how to pay for a ticket and how to get on. I'm sure I overpaid a bit, because I was just so scared that I was gonna get trapped in there, so I just made sure I put enough money that I could get in and out."


For those of you who haven't been to DC, their Metro actually charges you at the station you get off. If you don't have enough money on your card, it won't let you leave. It's the worst system in the world. I'm from New York, the city that invented subways (note: I know New York didn't invent subways), and I've gotten trapped in the DC Metro before.

But before you go using Walker as proof that not all pro athletes are as racist as John Rocker, note his parents' first question. (In this case, you can probably read "makeup" as "skin color.")

My family, mom and dad, they asked me, 'Well, what's it like, what's the makeup?' " Walker later said. "And I said 'Well, it's mostly people headed to work or home from work or to school or whatever they do.'"

Good on you, Scott. Mass Transit's a clean, cheap and efficient way to get where you need to go. Now we await the inevitable injury report: "Walker, WAS - Doubtful (Metro Derailment)."

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