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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Newsreader Revealed As Pantsless Behind Desk

Confirming what we all suspected, one anchor was caught by cameras showing what really goes on underneath the desk.

Best we can tell, this comes from Slovenian nightly news. Take it away, Google Translate!

In the news program "24UR" the popular television POP TV "you can see the presenter in neat jacket usher in the final sequence of the broadcast. So far so ordinary. But at the final party with the positioned behind the moderation of the news desk assistant provided unexpected insights man. Spirited he turns in his chair to the back and lo and behold: Except for boxer shorts appears to have been no time before starting transmission. Obviously he has not noticed the pan but treacherous. Undeterred, he brings the show to end.


So, you know, chew on that next time Chris Berman pops up on your TV.

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