Week 13 continues unabated to the quarterback. Here is your open thread, treat it well.

Green Bay at NY Giants (CBS): Did you know? I'll be you didn't: The Giants are responsible for ending the last potential perfect season. Not sure how no one seems to be aware of this, but it was kind of a big deal.

Baltimore at Cleveland (CBS): That Mary Kay Cabot, what a turkey: "Colt McCoy was enjoying a beautiful Thanksgiving evening until he flipped on the TV and witnessed the Ravens' defense sacking the stuffing out of 49ers quarterback Alex Smith nine times and making mincemeat out of premier back Frank Gore. That was without linebacker Ray Lewis, who has missed two games with a foot injury and is questionable for Sunday's game. " [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

Dallas at Arizona (FOX): Kevin Kolb is expected to return, so you can just go right ahead and chalk up a loss for the John Skelton-less Cardinals. Terrible decision, you don't just win three of four by accident, you know.

St. Louis at San Francisco (CBS): This is one of those games that a.) I would never watch, and b.) will not be as lopsided as everyone thinks. It will probably be much more exciting than I am giving it credit for—maybe even the most exciting game of the day, which is kind of making me rethink "a.)"


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