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NFC Blogdome: Super Bowl Shuffle, V. 2.0

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Dispatches from blogdome's front lines following the NFC Championship game ...

Mega Bears. Some thoughts on todays game, while my wife is online trying to find something semi-reasonable in terms of tickets for the Super Bowl ... Didn't see Good Rex today. He was more of 'eh' Rex. He was making good reads and decisions, but his accuracy just wasn't really there. But he didn't turn the ball over — and didn't really come *close* to doing so — and sometimes, that's all you need your QB to do.


Windy City Gridiron. Dear America, We're sorry! Really. We really understand that this would have made for a wonderful piece of Americana story. Just straight up Betsy Ross, Apple Pie good for your heart type of stuff. What happened to New Orleans and surrounding areas was tragic on so many levels. Then comes the New Orleans Saints. You went on a run that captured the imagination of even the youngest or most unknowledgable football fans. In all honesty if it wasn't us, we would have been rooting hard for you just like everybody else. The problem is though, we needed it to and you just stepped in front of a steam roller. We love ya, but we are the Bears, the most storied franchise in all of football.

New Orleans Saints Blog. I can't begin to say what this team has done for the spirit of the people here in New Orleans. Through "hell and high water" our city was on the difficult road to recovery, and making progress albeit sometimes at a big easy pace. Many of our people have not returned, and for many different reasons. While I thought that I loved the city more because I stayed; I now realize that many didn't return for that exact same reason: that they loved the city. Regardless of where we all are now, the success of the Saints this year has been a uniting force that's put smiles back on the faces of many people still grieving the many losses they've faced since August of 2005.


New Orleans Saints FanHouse. No Cheese for Brees. A poster on Saints Report has the following juicy (and by juicy, of course, I mean completely silly and inconsequential) tidbit on Drew Brees: He orders a pizza from Louisiana Pizza Kitchen almost every week. A friend of mine works there and they say he always orders a sausage pizza with NO cheese. It raises some interesting questions. Is Drew lactose intolerant? Is that really a pizza, if it's missing the cheese? Does a pizza with no cheese look gross, like maybe the face of a bad burn victim? My mind just won't stop racing.

Monsters of the Midway. February 4th is the date. And guess what? The Bears are already being looked at as the underdogs. According to, the Colts are currently favored by 7 points. I'm sure the monsters of the midway wouldn't have it any other way.

Meanwhile, Over At The eBays ... A pair of Super Bowl tickets start at $3,000, and go as high as $18,500, as of Monday morning. Or, how about five together for the low price of $37,500? Hmm, thirty seven large to watch Rex Grossman? Sounds reasonable to us!

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