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NFC Championship Game Truthers Have A Dumb Conspiracy Theory

This video has been making the rounds on the internet over the course of the last two days. It is impossibly dumb.

A conspiracy theorist with a YouTube account and a subscription to NFL Rewind is convinced that the NFL rigged the NFC championship game to ensure that the Seahawks advanced to the Super Bowl. As evidence, he (you know it's a he) presents a 15-minute video in which blown calls that negatively affected the 49ers are explained with ominous white text on black background. You can't argue with this:


The only thing proven by this video—which purports to prove that shadowy interests wanted the Seahawks rather than the 49ers in the Super Bowl for (presumed) marketing reasons, thus providing a nearly perfect example of a self-refuting thesis—is that referees and clock officials often fuck things up in ways that affect the outcome of the game. When Uncle Tony shares this video into your Facebook feed, please tell him how stupid he is.

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