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NFL Considers Fines For Two Jets For Jake Locker Injury

The Titans are feisty as all hell, only an overtime loss away from being undefeated. Jake Locker has started to look like an honest-to-goodness NFL quarterback, tossing six TDs to zero interceptions in his last three games. So, naturally Locker's going to be out a while, and Adam Schefter says the two Jets responsible for it could be facing fines.


It was a bizarre injury that required two dirty hits. First, Muhammad Wilkerson hitting Locker well after the pass was released, then Quinton Coples squaring up to lay a second body blow on the falling Locker. On the replay, it appears Locker's right cleat was planted, and Coples's hit caused him to awkwardly bend back over his right hip.

Wilkerson says the hit was clean, noting no flag was thrown on the play (as if that's ever mattered for league discipline). "I took my one step and that was that." Which is a lie. He take two clear steps, lowers his helmet, and drives directly into Locker's chest. Still, it's a fairly common hit in the NFL, and probably doesn't get any attention from the league if not for Coples's finisher—and even then, we're probably not talking about fines if Locker doesn't get hurt.

The extent of Locker's injury isn't known, and won't be until an MRI is performed today. The Titans said there was no dislocation, but they're not counting on having Locker for at least a few weeks. It'll be on Ryan Fitzpatrick to keep Tennessee's unlikely success going.