NFL Draft Prospect Tells Cop He Owns The Town; Cop Arrests Him

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Today is "Tharold Simon Day" in Eunice, La., the hometown of former LSU cornerback Tharold Simon, who's expected to be picked in the middle rounds of this weekend's NFL draft. Simon apparently thought that made him above the law. A Eunice cop didn't quite see it that way.

When Simon parked his car at some point last night, he blocked a street. A police officer asked him to move it. Simon felt he had no such obligation, and he allegedly responded with one of the greatest variations of Don't you know who I am? we've ever heard:

According to the report, Simon told the officer, "I own Eunice," and "I'm gonna buy these projects and you are gonna be mine," (sic) before finally moving his vehicle. The officer noted in the report that Simon spun his wheels and "backed the vehicle in an aggressive manner" and turned his radio "all the way up" while moving his car. The report also says Simon told the officer that "the mayor was on [his] side" and that the officer would be fired if he wrote a ticket.


The cop wasn't impressed. He arrested Simon on charges of public intimidation, resisting an officer, and a noise violation. Simon was released on bail. The mayor of Eunice told KATC the town would go ahead and honor Simon today anyway.


Photo credit: Getty