We learned last year that Chiefs safety Eric Berry suffered from equinophobia—a terrible, irrational fear of horses. Naturally, Berry plays for the team that has a horse run across the field after each touchdown. But where does Berry's fear come from?

When questioned about it, Berry merely asked rhetorically, "Can you look at a horse and tell what a horse is thinking?" But now NFL films has gone deeper on Berry, with a seven-minute feature focusing on his phobia and the root of his fears. Not surprisingly, Berry was bitten by petting zoo horse as a kid. Berry recalls his feeling of betrayal:

"It was like, 'dang, horse...I trusted you.'"

Berry is attempting to beat his phobia through exposure techniques. The video shows him hanging paintings of horses in his home, wearing a horse hand puppet, even coloring in a drawing of a horse on a coloring book. (He draws fire coming out of its nostrils.) "Possibly, one day, I could appreciate horses for who they are," he says.

The climactic moment is a meeting with touchdown horse Warpaint herself. I won't spoil it. Go watch the video at NFL.com for yourself.

Then, enjoy the original segment from 2012 that first introduced the world to Eric Berry's equinophobia: