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NFL General Managers Make It Rain

The first twenty-four hours of the NFL's free agency period have come and gone. There was a flurry of activity last evening ... let's get ourselves caught up.

The 49ers were the first to make a move in the giant fiscal orgy, giving an 8-year, $80 million contract to cornerback Nate Clements. The Titans were also in the market for Clements, presumably to replace a certain troubled cornerback who's only happy when it rains. They might be forced to keep Pacman now. Oh well ... someone has to support the strippers of Nashville.


The Falcons gave a fullback, former Raven Ovie Mughelli, a six-year, $18 million deal. Finally, they start to surround Michael Vick with some legitimate offensive weapons.

The Patriots gave an assload of money to stud linebacker Adalius Thomas. I'm assuming on the "assload" part, contract terms weren't immediately available. NFL contracts prohibit the use of the term "assload." Just because it feels like it's appropriate to mention here, Bill Belichick is a genius.

Guard Derrick Dockery got $49 million over 7 years from Buffalo. Not that it's not a worthy signing, everyone needs a few good linemen... but it seems befitting of Buffalo to go out and make a big free agency splash on a guard. That'll sell some season tickets.

And the Redskins, never to be left out, when there's money to spend, gave London Fletcher $25 million over 5 years, and Fred Smoot is rumored to be docking in Washington soon, too.


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