NFL Network "Obtained" NFLPA Email To Players, Says Story On

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All that giddy chatter about the NFL lockout possibly ending tonight? Yeah, you can just forget all about that. Here are the top three paragraphs in a story appearing on under the headline, "NFLPA expresses displeasure with league in email to player reps" ...

ATLANTA — In the hours following the owners' 31-0 vote to ratify a settlement proposal that would end the four-month-old lockout, the NFLPA sent a second email out to player reps on Thursday night detailing the issues it had with the potential deal.

NFL Network obtained a copy of the email, which took issue with the league setting a rough timetable for the NFLPA to reform as a union.

"In addition to depriving the players of the time needed to consider forming a union and making needed changes to the old agreement, this proposed procedure would, in my view, also violate federal labor laws," the email read. "Those laws prohibit employers from coercing their employees into forming a union and could result in any agreement reached through the procedure being declared null and void."

Will nobody think of the children who live for the Hall of Fame Game?!

Players react negatively to power play by owners [Yahoo Sports]