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NFL Network Panelists Try To Figure Out What A Griffin Is

The Kansas City Chiefs practice at Missouri Western State University. The school’s sports teams are nicknamed the Griffons, a fact that baffled three panelists on NFL Network today.

Watch, as several grown men ponder the nature and existence of griffins—which, we remind you, are mythological creatures.

Daniel Jeremiah asks co-host Rhett Lewis a simple question: What is a griffin? Neither man knows; Jeffri Chadiha is called in to help but doesn’t have any answers either. A producer whispers in Lewis’s ear, but he doesn’t believe it! “‘A lion with wings’?...Does that even make sense?”

It would’ve ended there, but then Lewis made one of the best saves I’ve ever seen on television.

Get it? The griffin is just like Tyreek Hill! Honestly, this was pretty well done.


h/t Seth

Staff editor, Deadspin

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