NFL Network Talent In Open Rebellion Against NFL

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NFL Network draft coverage hosts have had it with the NFL turning this weekend into a circus, with Mike Mayock only half-jokingly threatening to walk off the set due to repeated orangutan coverage and Rich Eisen later vetoing the Oakland Raiders’ “pretty harsh” decision to make all their selections from Las Vegas, featuring various politicians who helped grease the skids for that franchise’s abandonment of its fans:

Mayock’s right, of course; the NFL, seeing that the event might just be giving too much attention to its incoming laborers and not the league itself, is doing everything it can to seize the spotlight back with gimmickry and glad-handing.

“Is this good TV?” Mayock asked. Later, as they headed to break: “We gotta get a Jets conversation... at some point we’ve gotta be able to talk about some of this.” No time for analysis, Mike! Back to the ‘tan.

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