NFL Pants Party: NFC East

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People are saying that this division is so stacked that it's a pity someone has to finish last. We say think it's a pity someone has to finish first.

Mull on that.

Robert Weintraub, Slate: Philadelphia, Dallas, NY Giants, Washington.
Peter King, Sports Illustrated: Dallas, NY Giants, Philadelphia, Washington.
Paul Zimmerman, Sports Illustrated: Washington, NY Giants, Dallas, Philadelphia.
Bill Simmons, ESPN: Philadelphia, Dallas, NY Giants, Washington.
Aaron Schatz, FootballOutsiders and Fox Sports: Philadelphia, Washington, NY Giants, Dallas.
AJ Daulerio, Deadspin Cultural Oddsmaker: Dallas, Philadelphia, NY Giants, Washington.
Matt Pitzer, USA Today Sports Weekly: Dallas, Washington, NY Giants, Philadelphia.
Michael David Smith, Football Outsiders: Dallas, NY Giants, Washington, Philadelphia.
• Deadspin: Washington, Dallas, Philadelphia, NY Giants. Honestly, the preseason doesn't matter. Sheesh. By the way, we predict a very crappy year for New Yorkers who don't have DirectTV.


Lots of varied opinions there. Let's see yours.