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NFL Planning Primetime Super Bowl Media Night, Needs To Get A Grip

Here is a very bad tweet:


ESPN’s Adam Schefter has heard the same thing, and reports that the league plans to hold the event on the Monday night before the Super Bowl.

Can you imagine?

[Monday Night Football theme plays over a highlight package with CGI explosions and stuff. Camera pans in on Chris Berman.]

“Welcome to Super Bowl Media Night! I’m here with Mort, Irv, Tom, C.C., Stink, Biff, Boop, Dawk, Key, Schefty, and The Coach! Strap in for a big night! Now, let’s kick it down to the field and listen to Aaron Rodgers answer questions about his favorite type of chicken finger.”

The NFL is a damn bubble, man. Ever since Thursday Night Football became a thing, the league’s hunger for increased viewership has kept on growing, along with its total lack of self-awaeness. The NFL wants to shove itself in your face again and again, every day of the year, and it just assumes that’s exactly what you want, too. At some point, this bubble is going to burst, and this godawful idea seems like just the prick to do it.


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