NFL Prospect Bradley Roby Disputes Report Of His OVI Through Twitter

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NFL draft prospect Bradley Roby was reportedly charged with an OVI—operating a vehicle impaired—on April 20 in Columbus, Ohio. But today, Roby took to Twitter to dispute the accuracy of that report, and he had some tangible evidence.

Ohio station 10TV reported the story, though many outlets followed its lead. If the report was true, it could substantially damage the draft stock of the former Ohio State cornerback. Roby would lose a lot of money in his rookie contract depending on how far he fell.


Here's the blurb from the 10TV report:

Columbus police tell 10TV officers were dispatched to Vine Street on a report of a person passed out behind the wheel of a car.

When officers arrived, they were unable to get the driver's attention. They opened the unlocked door and say they noticed the odor of alcohol.

Police say another officer was called to conduct a field sobriety test, which the driver failed.


Michael Perrett, Roby's agent, clarified the allegations in the report, saying that Roby, who is 21 years old, was taken to the police station for further testing and was released with no other charges. Perrett said he expected the case to be cleared up soon.

Roby didn't want to wait for the case to be resolved, though, so he posted a paper with what appear to be his BAC test results on Twitter.


Ohio's allows a BAC of .08% before a person can be charged with an OVI. According to that sheet, Roby's was .008%. Here's the thing, though: Roby still failed his field sobriety test for some reason. We just know it presumably wasn't because of his blood alcohol level.