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NFL Roundup: Bears Down!

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• Hey, so what did happen to the Bears yesterday? We know they had trouble handling the Buzzsaw, but hey, who doesn't? Losing at home to the Dolphins is not the type of thing that's gonna make people feel all that positively about an all-Midwest Super Bowl. Wasn't Rex Grossman good at the beginning of the year? We didn't imagine that, did we? You know what this means, don't you? It's Kyle Orton time!


• Not to get wrapped up in fantasy football blather, but if you finally gave in and started Michael Vick this week ... well, jesus, nobody is more infuriating in fantasy football than Michael Vick.

• Lost in the Steelers' collapse this season — and man, what happened there? — has been the disappointing start from the Bengals, who are 4-4 and two games behind the Ravens already. Considering the team has been on the cover of Sports Illustrated three times in the last four months, it's strange the Bengals aren't considered a larger disappointment.

• Forget coaching next year: There's no way Cowboys coach Bill Parcells is going to survive this season without a heart attack. It might be a relief at this point.

• This week's Mighty MJD Smorgasbord comment:

Terrell Owens scores for the Cowboys... then lays down in the endzone, taking a brief nap, using the ball for a pillow. The man is a giant douchebag, and it's not okay that he falls asleep in meetings, and his receivers coach probably doesn't enjoy the fact that he's making light of the situation... but that was funny. Gotta give it to him. However: His publicist just called 911 and said he looked unresponsive in the endzone.

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