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• It's funny, because if you remember when Guenther Cunningham actually coached the Chiefs, you'd understand that here, he's just giving his unique signal to go for two.
• It's like the Chargers suddenly remembered that Marty Schottenheimer's their coach.
• Anybody see the new ESPN magazine? (Anybody? Anybody?) In it, "analyst" Mark Schlereth continues his years-long quest to denigrate kickers. Man, does Schlereth hate kickers. He has always taken every opportunity to destroy them. We know Schlereth is a Real Man, unlike those girly kickers, but, honestly, did a kicker sleep with his wife or something?
• It's funny: In one week, we went from thinking the Bears could clinch homefield to thinking they might not make the playoffs at all. This stuff moves really fast.
• Just saying: Even Reggie Bush could have made that field goal at the end of the Texans' game yesterday.
• And to finish our tour of kicking stories, if Jay Feely had missed that field goal yesterday, Bill Parcells would have flown to Philadelphia just to beat his ass himself, on principle.
• Right now, Daunte Culpepper is making sure he keeps his cell phone off.
• We think it's obvious what's going to happen with the Colts' dreams of an undefeated season. They will be 15-0 heading into New Years Day, when they rest all their starters and just relax ... and then the Buzzsaw beats them in the last game of the year. God, that would be the best.


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