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NFL Roundup: Kicking T.O.

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• We love pictures like this. Everyone, honestly, should have a kicker of their own to hug and cuddle.
• We're not going to get too into this — because, of course, we're going to do our own whole post on the matter later today — but ESPN's coverage of Terrell Owens is bordering on stalking. ESPN's broadcasters mentioned him 81 times during the game last night, about twice what he would have gotten had he, you know, actually been playing. And then SportsCenter was 50 percent Owens (with 3 percent Steve Phillips press conference insanity ... but we'll get into that later too). There is no reason for Terrell Owens to play football again; we somehow imagine T.O. retiring, signing with ESPN, then holding out until Tom Jackson calls him out on "Primetime."
• Charlie Batch, Charlie Batch. You realize that in six years, whoever the hot young quarterback is then will get hurt, and we'll look down the bench, and we'll see the backup is Batch. He's like a booger on your finger you can't get off. Kind of like Joey Harrington.
• That Chiefs game was very exciting, but we still can't quite over the idea that Dick Vermeil could ever make a "ballsy" call.
• You know, we're starting to think that maybe it doesn't make a difference who plays quarterback for the Buzzsaw. It's possible.
• We're currently in Florida, near Tampa, and we saw some guy yesterday all decked out in Buccaneers gear and pumped up for the Panthers game. He was wearing a Warren Sapp jersey. We asked him if he missed having Sapp on the team, and he said, "Naw, naw, he's not hurt, he's playing today," and we realized that this "fan" didn't even know Sapp played for the Raiders. Felt like the Buccaneers deserved to lose after that.
• Hey, anybody hear about that cheerleader story? Don't worry, we're all over it, a little later.


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