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News And Notes From Week 15 In The NFL ...

• Among all the crazy statistics and factoids — we hate the fact that "factoid" has evolved to the point that we accept it as a reasonable descriptive word — we came across this morning, here's our favorite one: If the Eagles win their last two games, they win the NFC East. How did that happen? We have also been joking the last couple of weeks about our Buzzsaw's "hopes" of sneaking back in the playoff chase, and even they we were joking (really), we're not that far off. The freaking Packers are one game out of the wild-card right now. (Lord, we hadn't prepared ourselves for the possibility of Brett Favre in the playoffs. We're absolutely not ready.) Honestly, if the Titans were in the NFC, we think they'd be our Super Bowl favorites right now.


• We don't know a lot of Saints fans, so we ask in all seriousness: How do you feel this morning? You have to be happy, right? We ask because we honestly don't know.

• Of all the potential postseason storylines, we're not sure we can imagine a more fundamentaly amusing one than Kyle Boller, of all people, leading his team to the Super Bowl. The guy absolutely cannot be killed. The Ravens should have found another backup in the offseason just so they wouldn't tempt themselves, for crying out loud.

• How awesome is it that Philadelphia, led by Jeff Garcia, of all people, is playing Dallas for, essentially, the NFC East title on Christmas Day? We absolutely cannot wait. If only it were in Philly.

• From The Mighty MJD's Smorgasbord: "A commercial comes on for We Are Marshall and Dirty brings up the very awesome possibility of a scene where some West Virginia fans show up at one of the funerals and start heckling. If any of you see that movie, and that really happens, can you let me know? Because that's the kind of thing I'd pay $8 to see."