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• So we actually stayed up and watched the full scale of the Bears' dismantling of the defending NFC champions last night, and we're pretty sure nobody's going to beat Chicago for quite a while. It actually hurt us to watch them hurt the Seahawks; everyone looked bigger, stronger, faster, meaner. (Heavens, what these guys are gonna to do poor Matty Leinart in a couple of weeks ... on national television, no less.) It's looking extremely likely the Bears will be undefeated at least halfway into November.

• Seriously, Miami really is gonna have to start Joey Harrington soon. That's actually going to happen.

• Our favorite quote from the weekend, from the great Mighty MJD: "I'll go on record as saying that Terrell Owens vs. Pac Man Jones is the most emotionally unstable one-on-one matchup in NFL history. I'd have loved to hear their pre-game conversation:

Owens: Hey Pac, how you doin'?
Jones: Not too good, man.
Owens: Yeah, me neither."

• What's the big deal about Albert Haynesworth stomping on that Cowboys' head? What's with all the outrage? Wuss.


• Speaking of the Bears, Ricky Manning Jr. was everywhere last night, treating Matt Hasselbeck as if he were on a laptop or something/

• Oakland scored an offensive touchdown. Did you guys see that? Awesome, seriously.


• Coming into the season, we thought the Jets were the worst team in the NFL, even more terrible than Oakland. And then a Mangini came to lead them. We salute his hallowed name.