Ricky Manning Jr. Will Bludgeon You, You Freaking Nerd

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Over the weekend, soon-to-be Chicago Bears cornerback Ricky Manning Jr. — the Bears signed him just last week to an offer sheet the Panthers aren't likely to match — was arrested shortly after 3 a.m. Sunday in Los Angeles and charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

What happened, exactly? According to police reports ... well, we'll just say we're glad we went to bed early Saturday night.

According to [LAPD officers], Manning was in a group that attacked a man in a Denny's restaurant after teasing him for working on a laptop computer.

"The group began by making comments that the victim looked like a geek or a nerd,'' Lewis said.

The victim asked the group to stop and then complained to a Denny's manager before someone in the group punched him in the face. He then was punched and kicked by multiple attackers until losing consciousness, Lewis said.


Frankly, we're as surprised as you that it wasn't us involved in the incident, though, to be fair, we wouldn't have complained to a manager; we would have just packed up the laptop and sprinted out the door. (Weeping, probably.) But in case any of you ever wondered what football players think of every single one of you ... this should sum it up.

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