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• Ricky Williams had six more yards yesterday than he's had droning "60 Minutes" profiles about him in the last year. So you know. Fortunately, that eight years is still about 50 less than the interviews Esquire writer Chris Jones has given about smoking pot with Williams. Maybe Ricky will catch up next week.
• An actual quote from a Redskins fan friends of ours: "Brunell-to-Moss is the new Culpepper-to-Moss." That made our head go crazy a little bit.
• Things that would have been funny: If Joey Harrington had shown up in one of the rap battle scenes of 8 Mile and everyone just killed him. We don't mean "killed" literally. Mostly.
• Randy Moss can't get the Vikings out of his system; like many of his old teammates on that boat, he hurt his groin yesterday.
• Every single time we flipped from the ALCS to the Seahawks-Texans game last night, something boring was happening. What a dull Sunday night game. We would have rather watched the Toronto Argonauts.
• Would anyone else not be surprised if Dallas went to the Super Bowl? We can almost kind of see it.
• That huge last-second touchdown by Michigan over Penn State on Saturday actually put them a half-game out of first in the NFC North.


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