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NFL Roundup: The Steamrolling Saints And Jets

News And Notes From Week 13 in the NFL.

• If you would have told us that the two surprise teams in the NFL this year would have been New Orleans and the New York Jets, we would have assumed all sorts of things, mostly that you were Eric Mangini and that you should really look into a man bra. But here both teams are, just a couple wins away from the playoffs, with the Saints even looking like a potential first-round bye team, which is just insane. Yesterday, despite the inferior opponents, was the most impressive wins yet for each team, because they just breezed by and took care of matters in an efficient and convincing fashion. And how exciting it is to see Reggie Bush being Reggie Bush again! If they can keep the Yahoo Sports guys away from him, he might be rather awesome to watch the rest of the way.


• Ah, the Giants. Their crushing loss yesterday to the Cowboys should pretty much eliminate them from our thought process the rest of the way, though we're still certain they'll own the NY tabloid backpages over a playoff-bound Jets team. Maybe they'll just fall on their faces next week and officially get this over with. But hey, look: Martin Gramatica's back! So nice to have one of the Grat Mat Brothers around again.

• Hey, Hoge, how's Vince Young looking right now?

• If you have Rex Grossman on your fantasy team, you understand why it's difficult to get too fired up about the Bears in the playoffs.

• This is what happens, by the way, when you let Jay Cutler study under Jake Plummer. His backup next year should totally be Rex Grossman.

• Congratulations to Edgerrin James, who finally ran for more than 100 yards this week (only to have Marcel Shipp — remember him? — steal all his touchdowns). Just three more years left on that contract, Edge!


• From The MJD Smorgasbord: Shawne Merriman records his first sack since he was framed for using steroids. The Juice suggests that he replace his old sack celebration dance (which is exceedingly lame) by getting up and making like he's shoving a needle into his ass. That kind of joke is uncalled-for because Shawne Merriman is a guy who could use our support to get through this difficult time in his life.

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