NFL Season Previews (Redux): The New York Jets

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So, we already completed all of our NFL Season Previews. Due to people's busy schedules,there was a wait for many of them, which is completely understandable. I'm grateful to all of those people who contributed. And a special thank you is extended to those individuals who did a last minute turn-around. That was fantastic. One of those people was Thomas Roberge, a book review writer who pulled together a wonderful Jets preview. Plus, he was forewarned that the writer initially assigned may still come through before kickoff. They did not — until today. But since the author worked extremely hard on their preview I thought, in this instance, it would be perfectly acceptable for a repeat. So today (again): The New York Jets. Your author is...Jenn Sterger. Jenn Sterger is a former columnist for Sports Illustrated and is currently the Jets "Gameday Host." Her words are after the jump.So what the hell does a down-home Southern girl, who grew up eating, breathing, and sleeping college football know about the Gang Green from NYC (*cough* - New Jersey)??.. Well, a lot more than I did a few weeks ago, when I made my debut as a part of the New York Jets family. Being the Jets Gameday Host, and face of the Jumbotron isn't the cupcake gig you would expect it to be. You find out real quick that what some would call your "sickeningly sweet Southern pep," is grounds for a black eye in the "Dirty Jerz." Your biggest critics and fans are the same dudes that have been tailgating in the parking lot since 7 am for a 7 pm game. Suddenly, the frat boys of Florida State seemed like amateurs. Toto, I'm afraid we're not in Tallahassee anymore. Things have gotten a lot easier since my first preseason game. We've worked out all the technical kinks, and fans are actually starting to know me by name and not the chick on the side lines with the great… eyes. I have definitely grown a thicker skin when it comes to the New Yorker attitude, but that comes with the territory. Overall, I'd say my move to the Big Apple has gone pretty smoothly.. and I couldn't be more pumped to be a member of this re-energized organization. We've got bruisers, we've got Brett.. and for the fellas at Gate D.. .well, sorry guys, I'm afraid there's no more of those shenanigans. Still the question on everyone's beer-tinged lips… "Is this all just hype???.." If my two months of Jersey residency has taught me anything, it's that people don't "BS" up here. Sugar coating simply doesn't exist. I'm not going to sit here and talk of pipe dreams and the kind of crap that Disney movies are made of, but I will say this: The Jets will see what the month of January looks like, and it won't be from their Hi-def TV screens at their vacation homes in South Florida. The Jets offense should be much improved over last season, and while Thomas Jones is still a competent running back, his preseason stats (12 carries, 29 yards) might be something to worry about. If Jones doesn't come through, Leon Washington is waiting in the wings to prove he can be an every-down back. What about "The Grey One" you ask? The Jets made a bold move during training camp, bringing in future Hall of Famer Brett Favre to solve the quarterback woes. No doubt he has the ability and the arm to go deep. He will definitely be able to put some more points on the board if his receivers are willing and able. The Jets hired a couple of corn-fed bodies to help protect their star QB during the offseason. Damien Woody will bring a lot of experience to the line, with nine seasons under his belt, while Alan Faneca joins the Jets after nine seasons with the Steelers where he started 153 out of 158 games. They'll join Nick Mangold and D'Brickashaw Ferguson who are very talented and young offensive linemen to complete what should and frankly must be, an improved OL to protect Favre and make holes for the backs. Even before the Jets acquired Favre, they seemed to be in line to be the "Most Improved Team in the AFC." At 6' 4" 349 lbs, three time Pro Bowler and Ruben Studdard stunt double, Kris Jenkins steps up to the d-line this season. For a man with his own gravity, he moves with surprising athleticism. He's going to require double-teaming on most plays, freeing up the linebackers and ends to make those key plays. Besides that, he'll make a hell of a good bodyguard for yours truly during the offseason. If the secondary gets/stays healthy and plays up to their ability, the Jets pass defense could be scary good - especially if the rest of the D can get penetration and put pressure on opposing quarterbacks. Cornerbacks Darrelle Revis and Justin Miller are two young guys looking to make a name for themselves, while Eric Smith and Kelvin Rhodes bring the experience and skill that could make opposing teams wary of relying too much on their passing game. What's the major point of contention for the Jets being a play-off team? Chemistry. I know, it's about as cliché as the plot line for every inspiring sports movie ever made. With all the new faces and new blood on the team, can they find a rhythm and enough common ground to win games? A team can have all the A-listers and Pro Bowlers it wants, but if egos get in the way and there's no respect.. then you're just wasting payroll. I think this year is Mangini's year to prove that the Jets are a force to contend with. Whether or not they have the gas to make it to the Super Bowl remains to be seen... but I have little doubt that they will make the playoffs. That's something Jets fans haven't seen in a while. The Gang Green have the whole state of New York, and the rest of the league talking. Could this be the year they take back Broadway? Whether or not their big investments pay off… well, only time will tell. Thanks for letting a girl play along, and if you are ever in the Meadowlands be sure to say hi. I don't bite... hard. Until then, you can see me on the sidelines. So hang on to your hat Fireman Ed, it's going to be a fun ride.