Based on your feedback from last Friday, we've made a few changes to our visual guide to NFL betting lines. Here's what's new:

  • We're posting spreads on Monday. Moneylines haven't been set yet and there isn't a lot of movement to speak of, so we'll update you on these data points later in the week. The MNF game between the Giants and Vikings is included below, with this info, but we won't post lines for the Giants-Eagles and Packers-Vikings until later.
  • Data on betting trends is now included, provided by This data is up-to-date as of 2:06 p.m. today, although you can get more recent data by visiting the site. The current spread and against-the-spread records are also provided by SportsInsights.
  • We've included records against the over/under. These figures, plus the over/under itself, are still provided by
  • We got rid of the mini-ATS charts and made some other small graphic tweaks.

We're still looking to improve this tool, so once again feel free to drop any suggestions in the comments or shoot us an email at and

Here is tonight's matchup. The moneyline is from VegasInsider.

Monday Night Football

Here are your Week 8 matchups, Giants-Eagles and Packers-Vikings excluded:

Week 8