NFL Superagent Ben Dogra Has Been Fired By His Agency

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Ben Dogra, who represents some of the biggest names in football, was fired for cause by CAA. The news was first reported by ESPN and has been confirmed by other league reporters. This is a big deal, if just for Dogra's old client list—and what those players will do if he sets up shop elsewhere.

Dogra was co-head of CAA Football alongside Tom Condon, and along with Jimmy Sexton was one of the three biggest names at the biggest agency. He personally represented players including Adrian Peterson, Robert Griffin III, Richard Sherman, Jeremy Maclin, DeMeco Ryans, Mario Williams, Trent Williams Brian Orakpo, and Patrick Willis, among others.


There are any number of reasons an agent could be fired for cause, ranging from the salacious to the old standby of client poaching. If you've heard anything, give us a holler.