NFL Teams Are Still Asking Draft Prospects Powerfully Stupid Questions

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Let me tell you, as someone who did miserable corporate human resources for a period of years and is still involved in hiring and firing at a small business: interviewing candidates sucks. You are there to find out whether this person will be able to do a good job for your company, and they are there, for the most part, to present the image of someone who will be able to do a good job for your company, whether that is true or not. If you aren’t real careful, you can fall into a trap of thinking your task, then, is to trick them into revealing the fact that they are bad for the job, and therefore that the best person for the job is simply the person who is best at preventing you from discovering that they are bad for the job. If you aren’t careful, you cease to be a person hiring for a job and become an interrogator.

For example!


This should go without saying: Under no circumstances is “what is Bitcoin” a relevant question to ask a football player applying for a job playing football. NFL teams suck at this.