The NFL's uniform policy has gotten way too ridiculous

The Cincinnati Bengals need league approval (for some reason) to wear their white unis & helmets more often

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A closeup of a white football jersey with "Bengals" written in orange above black numbers outlined in orange is shown.
The Bengals would like you to know that they’re trying to wear their white unis and helmets more.
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The NFL has too many frivolous rules surrounding things no one cares about and will go to battle with teams and players over this nonsense, especially regarding uniforms. Guys have been fined for minor infractions like wearing the wrong socks or cleats on the field. They’ve come out with all these alternate jerseys and helmets over the years, then tell teams which uniform combo can be worn with a particular helmet. So, the Cincinnati Bengals are looking to buck the system and have sent a petition to the league so they can wear their white helmets more often.


Everyone understands the alternate jersey thing is nothing more than marketing and a way to sell more jerseys in stadiums and online. The NFL is a business, and most people get that, but the fact that the Bengals had to send a letter to the league asking them to waive this silly rule in order to wear this clean white helmet as they please, is utterly ridiculous.

What are we even doing here?

It’s mind-boggling how the league can be such sticklers on something like uniforms but rarely get it right when it comes to punishing players, owners, or coaches for bad behavior on or off the field. It’s crazy that a player who gambles on games can be sent home for longer than guys who allegedly beat their girlfriends and wives or get accused of sexual assault, even when those allegations are proven true.


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and his cronies are often too worried about the wrong things. “Protect the shield,” is what they say. How about protecting it from stupidity and stuff that doesn’t matter in the grand scheme?s Of course, teams need some order and direction, but this uniform nonsense is wild. You give teams these alternate helmets, then they can barely wear ‘em. Hopefully, the league comes to its senses and realizes they might be a little too strict on this matter. Then, of course, that’ll open the door for every other team to do the same thing, so you probably shouldn’t hold your breath on this one.