Detroit 10, Minnesota 2. With Jon Kitna out this week [where's your God now, sucka? —Ed.], the Lions turned to their 5th round draft pick of 2005—the man they once called "Dandy Dan" during his days at UConn. Dan didn't take a live snap in 2007. Or 2006. Or 2005. My favorite bit of info about Dandy Dan? According to Wikipedia, he was recently reunited with his biological mother, who abandoned him 22 years ago. How would you feel being placed on waivers at age 3? Orlovsky just found Calvin Johnson in the endzone and the Lions lead! St. Louis 13, Washington 7. Canadian OJ Atogwe returned a bizarre fumble from offensive lineman Jason Kendall 75 yards to the house. Campbell threw a pass tipped to Kendall, who...yeah. Tampa Bay 17, Carolina 3. Two picks from Tommy John surgery's latest poster child Jake Delhomme are the difference here. That and Jeff Garcia is playing out of his mind. He's 12 of 17 with a TD pass to Alex Smith. Jets 20, Cincinnati 14. The Bengals refuse to die. Favre coughed up a ball that DB Chinedum Ndukwe ran back (sound familiar?) and Cincy got help from a questionable catch from Ben Utecht that eventually led to a score. And this one's still up in the air. And so is... Miami 21, Houston 20. Andre Johnson has 130 receiving yards in three quarters with a TD. Schaub had settled down long enough to give Houston a lead before a Ricky Williams TD. But Houston's driving again. New Orleans 24, Oakland 3. Reggie Bush has TD on the ground and one TD in the air. Indianapolis 31, Baltimore 0. Marvin Harrison sighting! Two TDs on 83 yards receiving. Atlanta 12, Chicago 3. Jason Elam's leg just fell off.