You might want to take all of the young children and Texans fans out of the room before you read this. Houston had a chance to veritably ice their first win of the season when Eugene Wilson picked off a tipped Chad Pennington pass. Wilson was looking for the end zone, but then fumbled the ball back to the Dolphins. And, sadly, there were no helicopter theatrics this time, just a fantastic two-minute drill from a revived Pennington to lead his team to paydirt. Ronnie Brown capped the drive with a six-yard touchdown run. But Matt Schaub, he of the three picks today, answered with a rushing TD of his own with three seconds left, getting his team into the win column for the first time this season. Houston 29, Miami 28. Other games winding down: Washington 17, St Louis 16. Clinton Portis just punched it in from 2 yards to give Washington their first lead of the second half. The Rams are playing inspired ball, but need a score with about 3 minutes left. Detroit 10, Minnesota 9.Frerotte-to-Berrian made this a 1-point game, and the Vikes are now in field goal range. Don't mess up! DON'T MESS UP! Atlanta 19, Chicago 13. Roddy White has 9 catches for 112 and a score. He needs to get hit in the head more often. Tampa Bay 27, Carolina 3. After this game, Jeff Garcia might even be quarterback next week! Maybe. Jets 26, Cincinnati 14. Final. Think the Bengals missed Carson Palmer? This game was up for grabs in the fourth quarter. New Orleans 34, Oakland 3. Final. When Aaron Stecker scores on you, you know you got your ass beat. Tom Cable is now 0-1 for his head coaching career. Indianapolis 31, Baltimore 3. Final. Pey-pey: 19 of 28, 271 yards, 3 TDs, no picks. Two minute warning.