Rams K Brown, along with Atlanta's Jason Elam and Minnesota's Ryan Longwell, won games for their teams in the closing seconds of their games. And we're not even talking about Matt Schaub, who overcame his first three quarters of play with a dramatic, last-minute drive to victory over the Dolphins. So if you're a Redskins, Lions, or Bears fan, it probably doesn't make you feel any better that the Raiders, Ravens, and Panthers all got their asses kicked. But this is life in the big city, kids. Sometimes you get the bear, and sometimes the bear gets you. And sometimes that bear is a kicker. Your four o'clock updates: Arizona 7, Dallas 0. The Cards' J.J. Arrington ran the opening kick 93 yards to the house. And then everybody started fumbling. Denver 7, Jacksonville 3. Brandon Stokley has already found the end zone. It was right where he left it. Green Bay 3, Seattle 0. Third-string QB Charlie Frye is getting the start today, since Matt Hasselbeck has a hyperextended knee and Seneca Wallace has an injured calf. Backing up Frye are Dave Kreig and Jake Locker's dad. Philadelphia 7, San Francisco 6. Correll Buckhalter has the only TD in this game so far, but the Eagles are driving again. Final scores to your one o'clock games: St Louis 19, Washington 17. Tampa Bay 27, Carolina 3. NY Jets 26, Cincinnati 14. New Orleans 34, Oakland 3. Minnesota 12, Detroit 10. Indianapolis 31, Baltimore 3. Houston 29, Miami 28. Atlanta 22, Chicago 20.