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• The Jets damn near pulled off the greatest play in the history of sports. It was one of those, "Hey, let's keep lateralling the ball and see what happens" deals that always ends in miserable failure, but this one last about seven minutes and made a hell of a lot of progress before finally petering out. The Colts won a hell of a game, 31-28.

The Dolphins lost to the Texans, 17-15. Daunte Culpepper had decent numbers, going 23-of-39 for 249 yards, but you can't lose to the Texans and feel optimistic about keeping your job, can you? Andre Johnson continues to tear it up for the Texans, today grabbing 9 balls for 101 yards and a touchdown. The great Ron Dayne was limited to 58 yards on 22 carries.

• The Matt Leinart era got underway in Atlanta, as the young playa was brought on in relief of Kurt Warner. I don't know how long it was last, though, as Leinart proceeded to turn the ball over like he was... well, Kurt Warner. Michael Vick had 153 yards through the air, and 101 on the ground. Falcons win, 32-10.

The Ravens just beat the Chargers on a late Steve McNair touchdown drive. I don't really feel like saying much more about it.

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