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NFL Week Seventeen, Update #1

• In the afternoon's one important game, the Jets lead the Raiders 7-3 late in the second quarter. Give the Raiders credit, they're not just going to lay there and take it. Chad Pennington has managed to complete 12 of 16 passes and only has 67 passing yards to show for it. This week's Raiders featured scrub receiver is a fellow named Johnnie Morant, who has 3 catches for 24 yards.

• The Cowboys have managed to come back against the Lions, who actually led this one 13-0. I'm not sure how that happened, actually... it may have just been a clerical error on the part of the scoreboard operator. Marion Barber and Patrick Crayton have the touchdowns for the Cowboys, while Roy Williams made a beautiful tippy-toe catch in the endzone for the Lions.


• The deficit from which Vince Young must magically bring the Titans back this week is 16. The Patriots lead 19-3 with still about 5:00 to play in the first half. Tom Brady's been fantastic. Vince Young has not. Brady's completed 12 of 16 for 165 yards, and Vince Young's completed 4 of 10 for 74 yards, 0 rushing yards, and he coughed up one fumble.

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