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• Denver's not going to win, but Jay Cutler doesn't suck anymore. Whatever adjustments the Broncos made at halftime worked... not to the point of getting a win, of course, but Jay Cutler was much better after the break. That's the sort of thing that you like to hear if your team is 3-9, and looking for signs of hope for next year. LaDainian Tomlinson got his record-tying 28th touchdown, and there are about four minutes left to go for the record. Chargers lead, 41-20. Update: Tomlinson just got his touchdown... that's 29, and a new NFL record. Man, rough day for Shaun Alexander.

• Buzz. Saw. The Cardinals have completed the unlikely win over the visiting Seahawks, and maybe the Seahawks problem wasn't the injuries, maybe they're just not that good. Or maybe the Cardinals are awesome. I think that's the more unlikely scenario, but I don't want to hurt Will's feelings. Edgerrin James is finally ready to start the season, going for over 115 yards today. Matt Leinart threw for 230 yards and two touchdowns, too. Cards win, 27-21.


• So I guess the Jets aren't very good, either... I mean, you can't lose 31-13 at home to Buffalo and claim to be a good team. But they're still 7-5, and a solid playoff candidate. J.P. Losman was a solid 10-of-15 for 157 yards and 2 TDs. Forgive me, but I still find Buffalo unremarkable in every way.

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