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NFL Week Three, Update #1

• The Steelers/Bengals game has been an entertaining contest thus far, despite CBS's efforts to make it as lame as possible. There was some pre-game trash talk between Joey Porter and Chad Johnson that appeared to be clearly staged. It took place in a camera-friendly location, and the trash talk was G-rated. I think Jim Nantz actually wrote the script. The Steelers looked dominant early, but Carson Palmer got it together and he and Chris Henry started knifing through the Steelers D. 14-7, Bengals.

• Kid Bro Sweets (and that's not a costume in that picture, by the way) has announced his return with authority, racking up 147 total yards and a touchdown. The Redskins offense looks like an unstoppable juggernaut, in fact, as Mark Brunell is also 14-of-14 for 191 yards and a touchdown. That Texans defense looks stout.


• The Colts have yet to score an offensive touchdown against the Jags, as Martin Gramatica's very presence is dragging the team down. The Jags are doing a job on Peyton Manning, too. Peyton's 5-of-13 for 63 yards and no touchdowns. Maybe he should try playing with the fake mustache. If Jacksonville keeps it rolling and gets this win on the road, they can make a nearly bulletproof case for most impressive team in the league thus far.

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