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All right, kids, the playoffs are beginning Saturday, so it's time to start sorting some of these wild-card matchups. We find one game compelling, two somewhat intriguing and one rather dull. This is in that middle category.

We just hope the memory of Sean Taylor will not be disrespected if the Redskins, you know, lose.


A roundup of predictions around this here Interwebs:

Cool Standings: Seahawks.
Football Outsiders: Seahawks.
Michael David Smith: Seahawks.
• Big Daddy Drew: Seahawks.
Dan Shanoff: Seahawks.
AJ Daulerio: Redskins.
• DEADSPIN: Redskins. We really haven't been sold on the Seahawks all year. Maybe Shaun Alexander will collapse directly on the field as a result of the ball being pushed too hard into his sternum.

Your thoughts?

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