NHL Linesman Can't Stop Getting Gruesomely Injured

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Capitals winger Andre Burakovsky suffered an “upper-body injury” on a big check in Sunday’s 5-4 overtime loss to the Blue Jackets, and will not travel to Columbus for the series’ next two games. He got off easy compared to linesman Steve Barton.

Barton’s skate collided with Josh Anderson’s, and he went down awkwardly, almost comically.


The GIF may be funny, but the damage is not.


Barton declined a stretcher and was helped off the ice by trainers from both teams. He was replaced for the third period by Garrett Rank, because in the playoffs the league has extra officials on hand for just this possibility.

Barton has had an awful last month. In late March, he was upended by Connor McDavid and landed on his head. His neck was stabilized and he was hospitalized overnight.

Get well soon, you poor bastard.