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Tennis fans have enough crazy to distract them — crazy fans, crazy parents, Damir Dokic — so it makes complete sense for the International Tennis Federation to consider further penalizing the plain-old crazy grunters.


Already, tennis players can lose points if their grunts are deemed too detrimental to the opponent's play, even though getting in the head of your opponent, last time I checked, is a perfectly valid strategy. But after recent complaints about players emitting loud noisesMichelle Larcher de Brito's French Open groans, in particular — the ITF is reportedly considering a rule change which could cost grunters matches and take the late-night Cinemax out of family-friendly events.

Some of the worst culprits are Nick Bolletieri pupils, so, naturally, a British newspaper asked the famed coach if that was a coincidence.

"My staff and I have never taught grunting," he said. "We have always taught the proper way to breathe in and out."


See, crazy tennis parents? Your money's going to the right places.

The grunt stops here [The Daily Mail]

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