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Nice Seats, Hey Buddy?

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You know, that has to really suck. You skip work to head to a baseball game — no, a World Baseball Classic game — and you're ready to cheer on all your favorite stars. Derek Jeter. Ken Griffey. Dontrelle Willis. Even, if you have enough beers, Alex Rodriguez. It's a great day at the ballpark.

You settle into your seats, and, lo and behold, you have stumbled across the only instance of rabid Canadian baseball fans ever recorded. (Did they paint their chests? Is that guy wearing a CAPE?) Well, no matter. At least they will be quiet.


Nine innings later, you're the poor bastard in the Cubs hat, in the lower left hand corner, as a bunch of Molson-addled guys scream cheers in French while your baseball team loses to Canada. Damn you, Bud Selig. Damn you straight to Hell.

Canada Holds Off Rallying Team USA [World Baseball Classic]

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