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Nice To See You Again, Hello There, Howdy

• Welcome back, Taryne Mowatt. [Rizzo Sports Blog]
• Jake Busey was at the Super Bowl? Whoa! [Someone Has To Save Hollywood]
• We bet you ran into one of these guys at your Super Bowl party. [Moderately Cerebral Bias]
• Andrea Bargnani gets the heck out of here. [Foot Court Lunch]
• The All-Mormon baseball team. [UmpBump]
• Steve Nash loves the women's soccer. [Lion In Oil]
• Anybody come up with a good name for the Tyree catch yet? [Orland Kurtenblog]
• Pedro Martinez has had enough of your "lines." [The Big Picture]
• It's Elisha vs. Elisha. [Rumors And Rants]
• Jay Mariotti is obsessed with sperm. [Jay The Joke]


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