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Exemplar of human possibility Nick Diaz hasn’t been back from his 18-month suspension long, but he’s already reprised his role as UFC shit-stirrer supreme. ESPN had him on right after his suspension was lifted, and he immediately disparaged any and all of his welterweight and middleweight competitors before claiming that someone had “frickin’ drugged” him before he fought and lost to Georges St-Pierre in 2013.


Turns out, he’s not done yet. Over the weekend, a USADA agent tried to meet up with Diaz to give him a drug test, leading to a wonderful bit of cinéma vérité. Citing the fact that he’d “fucking been out all night,” Diaz urges the agent to come back in “five or six hours.” The agent then threatens him with a two-year suspension if he skips the test. Diaz then says that she can come join him and smoke some weed.

She eventually shows up, so of course Diaz films that part too.


Diaz is in the process of setting up his next bout, so hopefully after he sees his brother beat Conor McGregor’s ass again this weekend, he’ll be buoyed and ready to fight again.

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