This Saban presser, on the heels of the Yahoo report that former offensive standout D.J. Fluker was funneling cash into the Alabama program, is a thing of beauty. It's very Belichickian in it's format: boring we-had-a-good-week-of-practice-blah-blah beginning followed by a preemptive statement of nothingness signaling the final comment on the matter. But the execution is all Saban.

The fun begins around the 3:30 mark; it's a steady, though quick burn for Saban. He tells reporters three times he won't answer their questions and then, growing more agitated and full-throated, asks if they all want to get in a line and ask the same question that he won't answer. His final offer: "If you want to talk about the Texas A&M game, I'll be glad to talk about it."

When no one bit, Saban muttered "Appreciate your interest in the game" and walked off.