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Nick Saban's Daughter Testifies In "Catfight" Lawsuit

A Tuscaloosa judge heard arguments yesterday filed against Kristen Saban, the daughter of Alabama's head coach. It was brought by her sorority sister Sarah Grimes, who claims...well, she claims Saban beat the shit out of her.


Saban's lawyer agrees with that part of it! But, argued attorney Bob Prince, the case should be dismissed because Grimes started it.

"What you're left with is this: You've got a drunk assaulter who gets in a fight, loses the fight and sues."

The suit, filed in 2012, is available below and it is essential reading for sociologists seeking to study the elusive Drunk American College Girl.

At a house party in the summer of 2010, it alleges, the girls were playing "power hour"—a game where you take a drink each time the song changes. Grimes claims that Saban was having a spat with her boyfriend (reportedly Crimson Tide tight end Brian Vogler) and became emotional, lying on the floor and refusing to get up. Grimes says she said, "Kristen, please just shut up. We're all sick and tired of hearing it." Kristen allegedly responded by screaming "No one likes you, you don't have any friends" and storming off to her room.


Saban then allegedly posted on Facebook, "No one likes Sarah! Yayyyyy!"

Grimes confronted Saban demanding that she remove the Facebook post, and there's where accounts differ. Grimes's suit claims Saban pushed her first, slamming her head into a door. According to Grimes's written testimony entered in court yesterday, Saban proceeded to punch her "like Boom Boom Mancini," breaking her nose and giving her a concussion. Grimes claims she attempted to escape, but couldn't because Saban had a death grip on her hair. The two were finally separated by friends.


Saban's account of the incident claims her shove was in self-defense, and that Grimes choked her neck and pulled her hair, but that the fighting wasn't that serious: "A lot of slapping and punching, not many landing, and scratching," Saban testified.

Grimes's attorney disagreed, saying, "My client had a broken nose and had to get surgery, and they call that a catfight? She had the devil beat out of her."


Saban's version of events contains an episode familiar to college students: the tearful make-up.

"She told me to look at her, because I had my hands over my eyes crying. She said, 'We can't do this to each other. We're best friends," Kristen Saban said.


Court documents show the two had friction before the fight, with Grimes reportedly upset that Saban had not invited her to a football workout or the official premiere of biopic Nick Saban: Gamechanger. They also indicate that Nick Saban's wife, Terry, tried to talk Grimes out of filing a lawsuit, but was unsuccessful.

Yesterday, the judge promised to take under consideration Kristen Saban's attorney's arguments to dismiss the case, but did not say when he would make his decision.


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