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Nick Saban's Odd Way Of Bonding With Reporters

Curious how new Alabama coach Nick Saban could possibly become less popular? (Well, other than screaming "Roll Tide!" while having sex with two strippers.) Well, check out this audio from an "off-the-record" chat with reporters about the whirlwind of Saban hate coming out of Miami right now.

We can't quite make out every word that he says, but ... well, we don't think it sounds good. We're not up on our local vernacular, but we think we made out the word "coon." And we're also not sure what nationality/dialect Saban is trying to impersonate there either. But then again, we're not from the South, and this could all be perfectly normal. If rather bizarre.


Anyway, here's the audio. Everybody's having fun!

Nick Saban "Off The Record" Audio [Odeo]

(Pro Football Talk and Every Day Should Be Saturday also has have this.)

(UPDATE: Oh: Coonass! Of course!)


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