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Nick Young Is An Unexpected Contender For The NBA's Premier Hipster

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We've had some discussion in the Deadspin office today about the use of the word "hipster," and whether or not we can apply the term to Washington Wizards guard Nick Young, who scored 60 points in a Drew League game last night. Dickey claims that the term is too "fraught" and complicated to be so liberally applied. He wondered about the historical context of Young's hipsterdom — "was his hair always this floppy?" — and if it was really fair to count a magazine photo shoot against (or for!) him. Someone else posited that he might be a "blipster," to borrow a term that probably should not be borrowed, and it was also suggested that he might be an "inverse hoopster," which, I don't know — it's just too soon.

I personally would prefer to avoid all of this discussion and and simply suggest that our cultural criticism has progressed (regressed?) enough to the point that we can apply the term "hipster" rather indiscriminately, and that if one is photographed wearing a leopard-print tank top and Velcro sneakers and Ray Bans, then one might automatically qualify, in a loose, rather haphazard assessment, as a hipster. So yes, I'm going to call Nick Young a hipster. He joins rather storied ranks in the organization, anyway, so it's not a total affront: Rajon Rondo, Steve Nash, Amar'e Stoudamire, Baron Davis and Russell Westbrook will surely all welcome him with matching glasses and graphic Ts.

Hipster, blipster, inverse hoopster. Bloopster? Whatever. The point is, that shirt really sucks, and we want basketball back.


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