Nick Young, On Passing: "That's The Point Guard's Job"

Photo: Mike Ehrmann/Getty
Photo: Mike Ehrmann/Getty

Recent Golden State signee Nick Young met with the press Friday night. Among other things, the issue of Golden State’s constant-movement, pass-first offense came up. Here’s Swaggy P:


“That’s the point guard’s job. Be open. I guess I gotta give the ball up.”

Listen. Nick Young is a good pickup for the Warriors. He’s a conscience-free shooter who, at least in theory, can defend a couple positions. And he’s almost certainly kidding about the whole “passing is the point guard’s job” thing. But! Nick Young’s career assist percentage is 7.4, which is significantly lower than Thaddeus Young’s career assist percentage (8.6). Spencer Hawes (1,271) has nearly twice as many career assists as Nick Young (649), though both guys were drafted in 2007.

Nick Young shoots. When he laughs with that big bright charming smile and says passing is “the point guard’s job,” he of course doesn’t mean it’s only the point guard’s job. No. What he really means is “Nick Young doesn’t pass.” He doesn’t! He shoots. Nick Young shoots.