No controversy here, just a friendly reminder of who actually runs sports. More swooshes! We need more swooshes! People won't see the swooshes!

As reported by both Uni Watch and Business Insider, Nike went into full panic mode when it realized that the apparel it sent to a number of top schools, including Alabama, Florida, and LSU, only had Nike logos on the sleeves. Those didn't show up on television broadcasts during Week 1.

I mean, just look at at that photo above! I mean, how else would Nike get its $30 million worth from its Alabama contract, besides the swoosh on Nick Saban's sleeve, the swooshes on the players' jerseys, their gloves, their pants, their helmets, their wristbands, their bicep bands, and the fact that Bama administrators must wear Nike shirts on golf outings?

So Nike demanded the teams return the items, which included polo shirts, pullovers, and windbreakers. Another swoosh was added to the chest, and the gear returned in time for Saturday. At least this tragedy has a happy ending.


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