A woman in California is accusing the King Kong of clothing companies of stealing her trademarked slogan. Thankfully, this is America, where large, filthy rich corporations don't stand a chance against your average Jane Citizen.

The woman is Heather Langendorfer, owner of Atalanta Athletic Ware and the inventor of some kind of "running skirt" that is both stylish and not revealing enough for your typical perv. Her website advertises the gear with the slogan "Does this skirt make my butt look fast?" She recently discovered that Nike was selling a product with a very similar catchphrase, even though she held a trademark on hers. That's so unlike them!

To be fair to Nike, they may have been inspired by Langendorfer, but they created something that's totally not the same. Nike is selling t-shirts that say "Does this shirt make my butt look fast?" See the difference? It's probably a little complicated for someone like you that doesn't have an advanced degree in marketing, but if you can't see how that's not trademark infringement, then you'll be getting a call for Nike's lawyers.

Langendorfer should win the case, provided she has a large team of highly-skilled copyright lawyers and an endless supply of cash. Wait, she doesn't have that? Oh ... then enjoy your new Nike Butt Shorts™.


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